iPhone Baby-Safe Monitor
'Baby-Safe' is a new iPhone app that turns your iPhone into a complete baby monitor sending both video and audio to your iphone. You have the ability to, at any time see and hear everything your baby does while you are at home, out shopping, in a restaurant or even while overseas. Connect using Wi-Fi or your data pack.

All you need to do is firstly download the app from iTunes then add a camera which you can either buy from us or use your own compatible camera or laptop computer (see camera options below).

This is the first and only truly complete baby monitor for your iPhone. It does everything the premium baby monitors can do and more. The camera is small, mobile and wireless. It can be placed anywhere. There is no drilling or mounting into walls or ceiling.

Baby- Safe is a cheaper and superior option than all other comparable monitors.

Features include:-

* Easy and fast installation.
* Digital monitoring eliminating all static noise common to baby monitors.
*4 digit hexadecimal Pin number with 64 bit encryption security so no one else can log in
* Excellent quality video of baby.
* Two way audio enabling you to hear everything and speak to anyone looking after your baby live
* Infrared low Lux night monitoring (minimum illumination: 0.5Lux @ F2.0)
* Pan and tilt camera movement controlled from iPhone
* Take snap shot photos anytime and save to your photos
* Record by movement sensor option
* Sound muting option both ways
* Personalized settings
* Free future upgrades
* Lifetime support

Camera options

You have 3 choices regarding a camera for your iPhone 'Baby-Safe' monitor app:-

1. Use your own camera

Use your own camera that is compatible with the application. The specifications your camera will require are:-
- IP camera
- Infrared
- 2 way audio
- iPhone compatible
- 3G

For instructions on how to install your camera go to www.bettaitsolutions.net/how-to-configure-camera.html

2. Use a laptop with built in camera.

For instructions on how to set up your laptop as the camera go to www.bettaitsolutions.net/how-to-set-laptop.html

This option is not advisable for novice computer users.

3. Buy the 'baby-safe camera' specifically designed for the app.

Buy the 'baby-safe camera' specifically designed for the app. You can buy it online and it will be delivered to you immediately. Very easy to use, simply place the camera on a table or sideboard pointing towards the baby and plug it into a power socket. The camera comes complete with a DVD giving you easy instructions on how to set up your 'baby-safe' app in your iPhone.

The big advantage using this camera apart from it being so easy to set up and use is that you do not need a computer for the app to work. The only time you need a computer is at set up. Once it is operating you will not require any computer.

Cost of the camera is US$139.99 Free Postage. This is an extremely competitive price for such a quality camera with its specifications (see specs below). Other comparable cameras are around $200. Manufactured for us we are passing them on with no mark up so that you get the ultimate monitor at a value price. We are making our profit on the app not the camera.

This is definitely the recommended option. It is the easiest and the best. Simple to install virtually just plug and play. If you want the best possible monitor use this camera.

To order your 'baby -safe camera' go to www.bettaitsolutions.net/order-babysafe-camera.html

Baby-Safe Camera Features:

* Powerful high-speed video protocol processor
* MJPEG video compression
* Supports wireless network
* High-sensitivity CMOS sensor
* Resolution: 640 x 480 (VGA), 320 x 240 (QVGA)
* IR night vision (Range: 8~10m)
* Video Frame Rage: 30fps (QVGA), 30fps (VGA)
* Two-way audio function
* Minimum Illumination:0.5Lux @ F2.0
* Remote Pan/Tilt rotate (Horizontal:270, Vertical:90)
* Supports control P/T through IP network
* Image snapshot
* Built-in 10M/100M auto MDI/MDIX Ethernet interface
* Flip Mirror Images: Vertical / Horizontal
* Light Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz or Outdoor
* Built-in Web server, supports remote viewing and/or management of the camera from a standard Web browser on any computer, anywhere, and at anytime
* Supporting Dynamic IP (DDNS) and UPnP LAN and Internet (ADSL, Cable Modem)
* Motion detection and alarms
* Multiple network protocols: HTTP/TCP/IP/UDP/STMP/DDNS/SNTP/DHCP/FTP
* Built-in RTOS, supports software download and configuration online, that is convenient for camera updating and management
* Supports iPhone Control and Surveillance Support

Are there similar apps?

There are no purposefully designed baby monitor apps that allow video streaming on your iPhone. There are a couple of apps that allow you to use your iPhone to view your home web cam but they have limitations and disadvantages such as they require a computer to run the app and have a much more complicated setup.

Cost of the app

Although the cost of the app is among the more expensive apps, the package, particularly with the Baby-Safe camera represents excellent value. Your reliable easy to use iPhone baby safe monitor is at least as good as the best baby monitors on the market (and you can't view them while out at a restaurant). Look at the cost of the baby monitors and you will see what value the Baby-Safe app is.

After downloading the app you will be able to customize the app with colors and name of your baby.

You will find more information in the help menu of the app.

1. How to setup the Baby-Safe camera
2. How to install your own camera
3. How to set up your laptop as monitor camera
4. View video
5. See more
6. Contact support